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Top cities to visit in us on On November 1, 2000, a crowd estimated at 650 people attended a memorial service for Lee in the auditorium of the Buddhist SGI-USA Los Ange – les Friendship Center. Meanwhile, Lee’s sister, Tina Vogt, retained famed O.J. Simpson (see entry) attorney Johnnie Cochran to represent the family in a $100 million gross negligence suit against the city and the two officers involved in the shooting. Fuel was seemingly added to that charge when an autopsy revealed that of the nine bullets fired at Lee three struck him in the back and one in the back of the head. The report also concluded that cocaine and alcohol had been found in the actor’s system. After reviewing an internal investigation report, a five-member Los Angeles Police Commission ruled on October 23, 2001, that Hooper was justified in his use of deadly force. Top cities to visit in us 2016.

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