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Top cities to visit in the us on The rapper put up a brave front, but left the show imme – diately and watched the remainder of it on television in the safety of his suite in the Westwood Marquis. The next night, March 8, Biggie and Combs attended the by invitation only postawards party thrown by Vibe (a popular hip-hop magazine) at the Petersen Automotive Museum at 6060 Wilshire Boulevard near Hollywood. They arrived with their entourage in rented Chevy Suburbans around 9:00 P.M., too late to find parking in the garage, and were forced to park on Fairfax Avenue one block from the facility. The party, attended by some 2,000 industry insiders and hip-hop royalty, was shut down by fire marshalls due to over capacity at 12:35 A.M. Top cities to visit in the us 2016.

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