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Top cities to visit 2015 on As his relationship with band members, most notably Rotten, progressively deteriorated so did his onstage behavior. In Austin, Texas, he unwisely shouted at the audience, All you cowboys are fuckin’ faggots, and assaulted a photographer with his bass. Not surprisingly, he and the band were pelted with beer cans and bottles. Off-stage was worse. Road stories abound of Vicious’ drugaddled escapades with groupies and rednecks. By the end of the 14-day tour in San Francisco on January 17, 1978, Rotten announced he was through and quit the band unable to stand his former mate’s behavior or rein in his visceral hatred of Malcolm McLaren. The opportunistic manager was already busy collaborating with director Julien Temple on a fictionalized filmic account of the band, The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle. Top cities to visit 2015 2016.

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