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Top adventure places in the world on If it is a level of support that is currently attacked, bulls in position can only hope that their sideline companions will come to the rescue on this level of last resort. But bears in position face challenges of their own. To see the bullish defense cracked, they, too, are in need of assistance, which may not be so easy to come by in a level of support. Surely many sideline bears would want to short below support, but who then is to do the dirty work of cracking it first. Granted, these hopes and fears may be present at any random level in the chart, but whenever prices build up in an area of support or resistance, at least we have a clear visual on a particular level under stress-and plenty of parties, both in and out of the market, are likely to have their eyes cocked on the very same boundary as well. Do understand that the way the break is set is only one part of the total of elements to be consulted prior to taking position. Always demanding attention is the chart’s overall pressure; equally essential is to scan for potential obstruction on the way to target, as well as for ad- 76 Chapter 5 Trade Setups – Pattern Break verse magnets that may work to the detriment of the intended stop. Top adventure places in the world 2016.

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