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Top 25 vacation destinations on 14 Chapter 2 Price Action Principles-Theory For further explanation, let us examine the tease break scenario in Situation 2. Here the bears were offered a somewhat better entry and a better technical level to protect themselves also. Still, the buildup left a lot to be desired since it did not really take place at the bottom barrier of the range progression; the level for protection, too, resided quite some distance away from entry. This type of break is likely to attract more sideline bears than the one on the left, but it still provides decent opportunity from a contrarian point of view. On balance, breaks of the tease break variety (and we will see many of them) do stand a pretty good chance to follow through, but they may not do so straightaway. Hence the idea of a tease. As seen in Situation 2, a typical response of the market is to first counter the break in an attempt to undo it; but as prices move back inside the range, they may then hit upon the lows of whatever buildup lies higher up. Top 25 vacation destinations 2016.

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