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Top 20 us destinations on Frasier not only encouraged me to go forward with the project during that very first phone call, he let me have his 1,148-piece archive of Meyer articles he’d spent years obtaining. Since that project Dave has assisted with all my books, and he is a hellacious researcher. If it exists on microfilm or a piece of paper somewhere, Dave will go to the ends of the earth to nab it. That’s the kind of guy Frasier is the one you want next to you in the foxhole. I could go on and on about Frasier the person. There are his unusual relationships with Meyer, Kenneth Anger, and John Wayne Gacy, not to mention the mini?Algonquin table he runs at his local Bloomington, Indiana, Wendy’s, a monthly gathering mainly consisting of insanely prolific author Michael Newton opposite Frasier himself. But allow me to save any further information for The Grim Researcher, my tell-all Frasier biography. Top 20 us destinations 2016.

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