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Top 10 vacations in usa on A gun – powder burn around the wound confirmed the weapon had been pressed against the director and fired while he had his arms outstretched. As detectives attempted to piece together a motive for the murder and question those who knew the director, the press (already at a fever pitch from its ongoing coverage of the infamous Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle scandal), further muddied the investigative waters by printing half-truths and lies about Taylor. A nightgown with the embroidered initials M.M.M. (sources dispute the item was monogrammed) was found in Taylor’s bungalow along with a note written by Minter on her distinctive butterfly stationery in which the 19- year-old star professed her love for the 49-yearold director. The ravenous press seized on the pair’s implied sexual relationship, but did not stop there. Top 10 vacations in usa 2016.

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