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Top 10 vacation destinations 2014 on Known as Fast Bobby, the unemployed Ambrosino claimed to be a former C.I.A. agent, bragged he had once shot a man, but was reticent about telling friends how he managed to pay for his expensive clothes and partying. Citing a religious reawakening, Benson broke off their engagement in February 2003, and relocated to a third-floor apartment at 211 East Broadway in Manhattan’s Chinatown district. Ambrosino refused to accept the split and relentlessly stalked the terrified young actress. After having dessert at Balthazar with friends in the early morning hours of April 24, 2003, Benson returned to her apartment building, and rang for her mother, Deborah Janicke (visiting from North Carolina), to come downstairs and let her up. Top 10 vacation destinations 2014 2016.

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