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Top 10 us travel destinations 2014 on For example, an auditory threshold is the slightest perceptible sound and an excitatory threshold is the minimum stimulus that triggers an action potential in a neuron. Also called limen. See also absolute THRESHOLD; DIFFERENCE THRESHOLD. thrombosis ti. the presence or formation of a blood clot (thrombus) in a blood vessel. Thrombosis is likely to develop where blood flow is impeded by disease, injury, or a foreign substance. thrombotic adj. Top 10 us travel destinations 2014 2016.

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Under Department of Trade regulations, if a ship carried more than twelve passengers, she was designated a passenger ship and then had far more rigorous requirements on construction, lifeboats and safety procedures. Cargo passenger liners could just run as ordinary working cargo ships, although they were smartened up a bit on the inside to attract passengers in the first place and to prevent them from revolting once they were on board. The Benlawers had a massive complement by the standards I was used to at the time. There were eighteen officers and twenty-eight crew. The deck officer complement was big enough for someone to get lost in the crowd.

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