Top 10 places in usa to visit

Top 10 places in usa to visit on 6 Session overview: Shortly after the UK Open, bulls had broken away from a sideways congestion (pattern break entry above bar 1 ) . Prices headed out nicely, but they never made it to the DO-level above. Always an interesting cue. Slowly but surely the bearish defense on the angular pattern line took on the shape of a head-and-shoulders variant (three arches) . While this bore strong signs of an upcoming 50-level retest, few traders will have anticipated the extent of the collapse later on in the session. Points of interest: Progression 2-3 possessed double-top characteristics of the M-pattern variety; but not all adverse breaks need to be feared. Especially when going up against a pretty strong pop ( 1 -2), the break of a relatively small middle-part is sooner known to trap traders out of profitable position than to ruin their trades at the stop side. Top 10 places in usa to visit 2016.

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