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Top 10 places in america on Born Roscoe Conkling Arbuckle in Smith Center, Kansas, on March 24, 1887, Fatty (a hurtful name he detested) was seemingly pre-destined to bear the hated moniker. He weighed 14 pounds at birth. His physically abusive father, a farmer who drifted in and out of his life, moved the family to Santa Ana, California, when Arbuckle was two then left them to prospect for gold. Raised by his mother, the youngster was soon cutting school to hang out at a local theatre, the Grand Opera House. There in the summer of 1895 he was pressed into replacing a missing cast member in a comedy sketch performed by the Frank Bacon Stock Company. A modest success, he was paid 50 cents a week, but more importantly became a fixture at the theatre through 1899 filling in whenever visiting acts needed a juvenile replacement. Arbuckle was 12, and tipping the scales at 215 pounds, when his mother died and he moved to Watsonville, California, to live with his father, and later, stepmother. Top 10 places in america 2016.

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