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Top 10 luxury destinations on Ngor, 55, was willing to give them his wallet and the $6,000 Rolex on his wrist, but categorically refused to part with the gold chain and locket around his neck containing the photograph of wife Huoy he had smuggled out of Cambodia. If the doped up gang members thought they could intimidate a man who had been systematically tortured by the Khmer Rouge over a period of years, they were mistaken. First, the hoods beat him to the pavement with a baseball bat, and when Ngor still refused to part with the locket, one tough shot him in the leg. Still, Ngor refused to surrender the beloved object. Gang members shot the award winning actor once in the heart and took the locket off his corpse. In their haste to flee the scene, the thieves overlooked a wallet in Ngor’s jacket pocket containing nearly $3,000 in cash. Initial speculation that the human rights activist was murdered in retaliation for his crusade to bring Pol Pot and others responsible for the Cambodian Holocaust to the bar of international justice was quickly discounted after police charged three members of the L. Top 10 luxury destinations 2016.

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