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Top 10 destinations of the world on Not surprisingly, little of this enthusiasm was left when prices entered the danger zone of the double-top in the round number above ( 1 -3). Eventually this had the market sliding down to the OO-level in the 5-6 bear swing. With this downswing quite prominently displayed, plenty of bears will surely have started to examine their pullback reversal options within the 6-8 follow-up. This was a rather rough bear-flag formation hanging from the pole 5-6, and had taken a few hours to complete. Notice the false high at 7 (what were these bulls thinking) , which was essentially an aborted ceiling test with the low of bar 5 . About an hour later, combi 8 set up a double-bar break outside the boundary of the flag, but still pleasantly close to the base of the 25ema (no adverse magnet on entry). On this short, prices needed to break the OO-level to offer decent profit, but it’s fair to say that the action set up thick enough to take a shot on the sell side here. Top 10 destinations of the world 2016.

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