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Top 10 countries in tourism on If still in position, it’s hard to tell whether or not our stop was taken ou t in the high of bar 1 1 . Indeed, the line between a winning and a losing wager can be extremely thin; and the difference in balance can be no less than 30 pip (minus 10 versus plus 20) . When counting results by the session or even by the trade, as many traders tend to do, this can have a disturbing impact when currently on the losing side of the equation. Yet on a monthly basis, good and bad fortune will surely balance out more evenly; anxiously keeping track of the account status in midsession is a pointless practice. If not shaken out, but not on target either in the low of bar 1 2 , our short once again faced the troubling implications of a reversal block ( 1 2- 13). Since this indicated bullish resilience second time around, a reversal exit could have been deployed on the break of bar 1 3 . If still in on the short, the next two bars fattened up the adverse middle-part even more, and this definitely called for an exit above bar 14. Top 10 countries in tourism 2016.

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