Top 10 cities to visit in america

Top 10 cities to visit in america on Albrecht then apparently began shouting, kicking, and pounding the back door of her neighbor’s home. Ironically, the neighbor, William Logg, was a local blues guitarist known as Smokey who had recorded several albums. Logg’s wife was on the phone to 911 as the terrified man first attempted to verbally warn the intruder away, then fired an intentionally high warning pistol shot through the locked door. The 6’5 Albrecht was fatally struck by the bullet. Logg escaped charges as the shooting occurred two days after the enactment of the state’s Castle Doctrine that gave Texans a stronger legal right to defend themselves with deadly force in their homes, cars, and workplaces. Ryann Rathbone, Albrecht’s girlfriend, blamed her lover’s uncharacteristically abusive behavior on his bad reaction to a combination of alcohol and hallucinations he suffered from taking the prescription anti-smoking drug Chantix. Described as friendly and quiet by friends, Albrecht had no prior history of violence. Top 10 cities to visit in america 2016.

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