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Top 10 cities in us to visit on At the trade school, he met another disaffected teen, John Lydon, and the pair became fast friends based on a mutually rabid disdain for the British Establishment and similar tastes in fashion and music. Lydon and Sid began squatting together in various aban – doned buildings in London and when not stroll – ing the fashion trendy King’s Road in Chelsea, worked the occasional odd job. Britain, then in the midst of one of its worst economic recessions since World War II, offered little or no hope to the working class, especially teenagers unable to find jobs. The kids were angry and as Pamela Des Barres points out in Rock Bottom: Dark Moments in Music Babylon (1996) the current music offered no alternative. Glam rock, expounded by fashion- conscious performers like David Bowie and Marc Bolan, was passe and heavily synthesized music ruled the airwaves. Early on, both friends were heavily into glam rock with Sid especially known to ape Bowie’s outlandish look. During their wanderings on the King’s Road, the pair discovered Sex, a fetish-wear clothing store owned by Malcolm McLaren, an entrepreneur who fancied himself a poor man’s Andy Warhol. Top 10 cities in us to visit 2016.

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