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Top 10 affordable vacations on According to a San Quentin spokesperson, Inmate J388838 distinguished himself as a discipline-free, conforming inmate who did what he needed to do. Mitchell was released on October 3, 1997, but placed on parole for the next three years during which time he was ordered to meet with a parole officer, submit to drug testing, not drink alcohol, and to see a therapist. In a brazen example of Hollywood gimmickry, the tragic story of the Mitchell Brothers was the subject of the 2000 motion picture Rated X directed by and starring Emilio Estevez, along with his real life brother Charlie Sheen. Sheen, at the time a tabloid poster-child for drug use and an illicit sex-charged lifestyle, played Artie opposite his brother’s portrayal of Jim. On July 12, 2007, Jim Mitchell, 63, died of a heart attack at his ranch near Petaluma, California, in western Sonoma County. He was buried next to Artie at Cherokee Memorial Park in Lodi, California. Further Reading English, J. Top 10 affordable vacations 2016.

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