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The golden age of the catechumenatediscipleship 3rd c.. In the West, a transition from private forms of preparation to a preparation in the midst of the church took place to such an extent that the catechumenate discipleship was already structured at the beginning of the 3rd c., as attested at Rome ca. 215 by Hippolytus’s Traditio apostolica B. Botte, La tradition apostolique de S. Hippolyte, 5th ed. LQF 39, 1989; SC 11 bis; C. Scholten, v. Hippolytus II v. Rom: RAC 15, 524-526; Ch. Markschies, Wer schreibt die sog. Traditio Apostolica?, in W. Kinzig – Ch. Markschies – M. Tokyo Map Tourist Attractions Vincent, Tauffragen u. Bekenntnis 1999 1-74 with bibl.. There is a conviction that conferral of the sacrament required adequate dispositions and sure guarantees; particularly required was a faith capable of transforming life so as to become true disciples of Christ. Here the catechumenatediscipleship is understood as one of the main and most serious duties of the church. Following are the various stages of the catechumenatediscipleship in the Traditio apostolica. Entrance involves a first examination before those responsible, in which the godparents, responding to a threefold series of questions, must demonstrate the fitness of the postulants. The first series pertains to the motives of the conversion; the second to state of life, i.e., to family situation married or no and social condition slave or free Tr. apost. 15; the third to trades or professions, which must be abandoned if they are incompatible with the Christian mysteries and which are at the root of the three capital sins idolatry, homicide, impurity this was the case, e.g., of one who ran a brothel, of sculptors or painters of idols, actors, prostitutes and homosexuals 16. The catechumenal period lasted three years, but less for the diligent spoudaioi. In it the catechumens katechoumenoi listened to catechesis we have no indication of the program given by didascalia presbyters or laypersons 19: sive clericus est qui dat doctrinam, sive laicus with a mandate from the community or the bishop. The teachers were entrusted with the task of preparing and instructing the catechumens, beginning with prayer and the imposition of hands. They were also the guarantors of the moral conduct and dignity of the catechumens 18-20. It seems that the catechesis of these latter, also called credentes, took place during the liturgy of the word audire evangelium; audire verbum: 20 with the faithful in the morning before work 41, in a reserved place O. Pasquato: RAC 20, 440; the preparation was called hearing of the Word Tr. apost.

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