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Hey guys I just arrived to Japan last night as you may have seen from the last post I had a long layover in Taipei. But I made it here to Tokyo it was a quite a process to get to the Airbnb that, I’m staying in thankful, I’m alive understand the system yes it is confusing, I’m here now, I’m ready to go explore yeah let me show you out here’s my suitcase my my drone, and camera bag there’s a little workspace yeah this is the couch here’s the microwave a little fridge here’s the bathroom at this shower room. So I took a shower last night one really cool thing is you can lock in your temperature I don’t know maybe maybe some rich people have that.

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But you lock in your temperature, and then you just turn the shower on or off it doesn’t stay in one spot stop like in the states where you have occur in the clothes off. But pretty much the whole room gets wet Elite for me anyway also the interesting thing is this little bucket, and it’s stool, and this mirror maybe it’s you sit there, and you wash your feet I I really don’t know right now everything’s just. So I just hit my hip on that door handle everything’s just a little snug for me it’s coming here alright just the bathroom look at this thing look at this device. So I had a heated seat heated seat on the toilet very cool I came in here last night was very pleasantly surprised. But I don’t know what all these little contraptions mean I don’t know if I want to touch anything let’s see what this does it looks like a bidet there’s a woman I don’t know what that woman parts supposed to do, and also a woman part should sell tampons I really don’t know why there’s a woman on there alright maybe that’s a good thing that those aren’t working, I’m not really sure I want to make a mess of the toilet the only issue that, I’m having. So far in this apartment it’s a perfect place a lot of space for a Tokyo apartment is that the doorways are very short for me I actually have a little cut above my hat nice welcome present last night when I walked into the toilet, and really railed my head on top of this doorway. But other than that it’s perfect, I’m ready to go explore let me get changed freshen up, and let’s go hit the street all right ready to go explore the first thing you notice I walk out of the apartment how quiet to sit we’re right in the middle of city very quiet no car horns or anything you notice people talking that’s it actually right across from my apartment here there’s this little shrine I noticed from my window.

So check that out first this name is Japanese I can’t read the name of the shrine look at this I won’t even attempt to pronounce the name of this place. But it allows me to interject with a little more information this is one of these thousands of shinto shrines across Tokyo it’s an outdoor place of worship, and a really interesting mix of cars in church this one in particular is set up with the purpose of worshiping Mount Fuji for those that can’t make the pilgrimage to the sacred mountain, and it’s said to have been founded in the early 8th century alright that was pretty cool all right now let’s go down to Harajuku which is just a short walk from my apartment supposed to be one of the cool places to hang out, and also do some shopping. So check out that team maybre hood is way too cool for me to walk around the style that Japanese people have is unbelievable it really looks. So good I better get out of this name of us for these old clothes off grab some food I think it’s time for our first meal this place looks good serves up Brahman it’s going there let me just say it took about ten minutes to figure this thing out like many places in Japan you order your food first from a machine before presenting your receipt to the counter or waitress my mistake was trying to make a selection before I actually put money in let’s, and learn a once the ramen came it was well worth the embarrassing big milky broth noodles cooked just fried with some pork, and leeks on top my first ramen experience in Japan has my birth meal in Japan that was unbelievable all right.

I just had to stop home really quick to freshen up, and charge the batteries, and now, I’m heading over to meet one of my high school friends who I haven’t seen in years who has been living here in Tokyo for the past few years let’s hope we can find him come on where’s Matt where’s the map know how to get to Shinjuku automatic you come on I do all right I found Chris made it out of Shinjuku Station in one piece it’s actually pretty easy from that stop. But it is chaotic in there now we’re just exploring to do true checking out some of the back streets here this is a pretty popular spot known as memory lane or pettalia Shinjuku it’s home to popular little restaurants that serve up meat on a stick called yakitori just aimlessly wandering around the side streets, and gaining perspective too my friend Chris who’s been living in Tokyo for almost three years it’s such a great way to begin my trip, and start seeing things on deeper level, and then he took me to perhaps the most sources box in the whole city we’re talking its busiest intersection in the world take a look every Shibuya crossing every time for some sushi conveyor belt style my first sushi here in Japan deep Wow little damn I wasn’t recording that hey I just had my first piece of horse to me I swear I ate it you can vouch for me I ate horse in it it was just a kitten I swear I didn’t press report it was chewy cold this is almost like a rock sir one it wasn’t bad it was definitely different, and as Chris said this is one of the only places in the world you’ll enjoy some good draw horseman among all right I just said bye to Chris, I’m going to end the story there this has been the first day in Japan in Tokyo, and it was an incredible day, I’m really looking forward to my time here there’s so much more to explore, and until then I got to find my way home on the metro wish me luck oh where are we trying local restaurant the local restaurant you know that we’re at here, and no stay from fans told you it what’s the TGI stand for Tokyo heels great idea just local spots alright that’s all we’re about here Travel we’ve got to go locals only spot TGI Fridays son yes.

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