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Tokelau Map on (V) An aspiring country singer from Stevens Point, Wisconsin, Januskevicius performed the national anthem at a few Milwaukee Brewers home games and upon graduating high school in 1997 briefly recorded in Nashville, Tennessee. Recently mar – ried with a new job working with Alzheimer’s patients at a residential treatment center in Stevens Point, the 20 year old left home on August 13, 1999 with an area record producer to complete her first CD at the independent Omni Recording Studio in Nashville. Recording as Melissa Love, the singer had just finished the final mix of her CD, Melissa Love Won’t Settle for Less, when illness forced her to change her plans to drive back to Stevens Point with her producer. Instead, she would wait a few days, recuperate, and take a bus back home. On August 16, Januskevicius left Nashville for Stevens Point by way of stops in Louisville and Chicago, but when she failed to arrive as scheduled her parents notified authori – ties. Two days later, the partially nude and decom – 143 Januskevicius posing body of a woman was found in a vacant lot on the western edge of downtown Louisville some five blocks from the Greyhound bus station. The body was identified by dental records as that of the young singer. Tokelau Map 2016.

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