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CAPSA. Now Gafsa Tunisia. Considered a key position in ancient Africa: oppidum magnum Sall., Jug. 89, 4. Destroyed by Marius and rebuilt in the course of the 1st c. AD, it embraced Christianity very early. In 256 its bishop Donatulus signed, in 69th place, the Sent. epp. of the council of that year. Cyprian addressed Ep. 57 to him and five other bishops, who were meeting to elect a seventh. Fortunatus attended Gratus’s council 345348; Quintasius was at the council of the Maximianists, an extreme wing of Donatism, held at Cabarsussi Mansi 2, 845-8. At the Conference of Carthage 411, Fortunatus represented the Catholics and Celeres the Donatists. Togo Map Tourist Attractions Vindemialis was summoned by Huneric to the conference of 484: his name appears in the Passio 7 Caps.; according to Gregory of Tours HF 2, 3, he raised the dead. The bishop of Capsa still figures in the list compiled by the emperor Leo VI the Wise in 883. PWK 3, 1553; DHGE 11, 965-968; J.-L. Maier, L’piscopat de l’Afrique romaine, vandale et byzantine, Neuchtel 1973, 122; C. Lepelley, Les cits de l’Afrique romaine au Bas-Empire, Paris 1981, 2, 281-282; Encyclopdie berb¨re, 12, Capsa-Cheval, Aixen-Provence 1993, 1757-1911.

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