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To do in hawaii on To the careless eye, progression 6-8 may seem like a nondescript set of little doji bars; but if we examine the action more closely, these bars tell us the interesting story of how the bulls and bears fought it out in the lows of that pullback. Note that within this progression most bars closed away from their lows, already a fair indication that bears were slowly being pushed aside. Let’s worn in a little further. With the two doji bars at 8 together taking ten minutes to complete there was ample time to plot the descending pattern line as depicted. While the highs of these dojis were thus curbed by the resistance of a pattern line, their lows found support in the highs of another doji duo, the two bars at 7 . Perhaps not a perfect squeeze, but there was little room to move without breaking out either way, and this always adds to the tension. A development that favored the bull breakout was the fact that the entry bar (above the arrow) had first taken out the low of its direct neighbor only to reverse strongly up (false low). To do in hawaii 2016.

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