Tirana Map

Tirana Map

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Tirana Map on Flows, hybridization, smooth space, flatland, the global/local nexus, and postnationalism were some of the key words that circulated at this time, in both mainstream and critical idioms. Many were convinced of a movement toward a borderless world. The work of Japanese management guru Kenichi Omae, The Borderless World (1990), is only the most famous of these pronouncements. The market economy seemed to be brealdng free from the constraints of territory, and some were convinced that class struggle was dissipating in an end of history. Garcia Canclini’s image of the border as the laboratory of the global, although the fruit of an analysis that in our opinion stresses cultural hybridization at the expense of economic and political processes, provides an effective counterpoint to these tendencies and foreshadows what was to come. One of the central claims of Border as Method is that the globalizing processes of the past twenty years have led not to the diminution of borders but to their proliferation. We are not the only ones to make this point. Tirana Map 2016.

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