Tips to Consider while Traveling to Nepal

Nepal has always been synonymous with adventure sports, especially trekking and hiking up the mountain ranges. Travelers almost always visit Nepal keeping these outdoor activities in mind and look elsewhere to fulfill their needs for a real destination vacation.

There is a lot to see and do in Nepal. Since it’s an inexpensive country, exploring it and spending considerable time in Nepal is not that difficult. It is beautiful, peaceful, spiritual and simply friendly. Here are some really interesting tips that travelers planning a trip to Nepal can incorporate in their vacationing plans.

1. Nepal offers much more than just trekking opportunities. Cities like Pokhara, Kathmandu and Sarangkot are some of the many places that you can visit in Nepal and explore the beauty that they have to offer. There are many famous National Parks in Nepal like Chitwan where you can enjoy the country’s wildlife by being in a dugout canoe. You can also wander through the jungles to search for the rare black rhinos. Furthermore, you can also plan on visiting Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha and go on a quest for seeking spirituality.

2. Volunteering in Nepal. There are plenty of volunteering opportunities in Nepal. Many firms offer combined activities involving adventure and helping out in an orphanage. You can even visit a volunteering home, preferably with supplies and make donations if you like. The donations don’t necessarily have to be expensive; they can include basic things like stationary items for school children who really need them or something else. If you can spare considerable amount of time, then you can share your talents with them as well.

3. Nepal can be your shopping paradise. Pokhara is no doubt the most sought after places that tourists visit. But it is also very expensive when it comes to shopping. Tourists can instead reserve their shopping needs for other cities like Kathmandu. Pokhara is best left for sightseeing purposes.

4. Indulge in Nepal’s religious activities. Nepal has a number of religious festivals that are celebrated with a lot of fervor and excitement. You can plan your vacation accordingly and travel to Nepal during one of these festivals. Dashain, Holi, and Tihar are some of the most enthusiastically celebrated festivals which not only provide a visual treat for the eyes but also help you connect with the country’s culture on a profound level.

5. Nepal can bring out the photographer in you. Nepal offers many wondrous sites that you can capture. From simple sights like crowded marketplaces to mystical locations like temples and stupas can provide for excellent subject matter for your photography. Nepal is a beautiful country. You have to be patient enough to move beyond the surface and explore the real, more meaningful beauty that Nepal is truly made of.

So, now that you know what to consider while planning your Nepal trip, all you need to do is plan your vacation days, make flight bookings, reserve a comfortable stay and get exploring! Travel to Nepal with expectations and make them come true.

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