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Tindouf Travel on 7 billion in interest from foreign circulation of its banknotes. Some market analysts suspect that the 1996 redesign of the $100 bill was due to the creation of an extremely convincing fake from Middle-Eastern forgers, which was undermining the real bill in unofficial operations. It is anticipated that the new 500-euro note will be just as popular with smugglers and drug-dealers and for this reasons countries such as Portugal have already banned it. Black markets are not simply endemic to dictatorial regimes or to countries where the state’s interventions in the national economies are extensive. At the beginning of the 21st century, in European democracies shadow economies range from an estimated 12 percent in Britain to a 27 percent peak in ITALY, nourished by years of high unemployment, high tax rates, illegal immigration and widespread suspicion of governmental policies and politicians. In the United States, government efforts to regulate the economy have historically been minimal and the American commitment to the general ideal of free enterprise is usually considered as the strongest in the more industrialized Western countries. Nevertheless, several large examples of the black market can be easily found also in the United States. Tindouf Travel 2016.

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