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Travel to Ethiopia V. Literature. Literature in the Geez language finds its first expressions in some epigraphs, still extant, dating from about the 4th c. BC; these inscriptions are mostly dedicatory or commemorate the deeds of kings. With the introduction of Christianity, translation of the Scriptures, OT and NT, began in Ethiopia: Ecclesiastes was translated in 6778. Textual criticism tends to hold that these versions were made from a Greek text. Tianjin Map In addition to the books of the Bible commonly accepted in the canon of the Christian churches, the Ethiopians accepted as inspired, and translated into their language, other texts, such as the book of Jubilees, the book of Enoch preserved entire only in Geez, the Shepherd of Hermas and some books attributed to Ezra.

At about the same time as the Scriptures were translated in Ethiopia, they also accepted some patristic writings relating to the most important and disputed mysteries of the Christian faith, such as the Trinity and the nature of Christ: the most important of these were the qerillos, which comprised three opuscula of St. Tianjin Map Cyril of Alexandria and a collection of homilies attributed to various Fathers; the didactic Physiologus, quite widespread in Christian antiquity; the monastic rules of St. Pachomius; Acts of saints, like the lives of St. Paul the Hermit and St. Anthony abbot a literary genre that the Ethiopians would take as a model and cultivate to glorify illustrious local persons; patristic works, like the homilies of St. John Chrysostom; Mariological opuscula like the Pact of Mercy kidana mehrat, in which Jesus promises to pardon anyone who invokes him in the name of the Virgin.

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