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Things to do on hawaii on In a pre-emptive strike to undermine the defense, the prosecution introduced the videotape of Williams’ confession, pointed out these inconsistencies, concluding that Mac’s in-law was trying to take the rap for the rapper. The defense never called Williams to the stand. On September 21, 2001, a jury deliberated seven hours before voting 10?2 to convict Mac on the lesser charge of manslaughter. Outraged by the verdict, defense attorney Jason Williams vowed to appeal. There’s a kid who has never done anything wrong in his life, never violated a law, who was convicted of a crime he didn’t commit, Williams told the press. And there wasn’t one piece of evidence linking him to the crime or a reason or a motive. And he cried like a kid (after the verdict) a little kid. Things to do on hawaii 2016.

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