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Things to do hawaii on Although ECN participation is fairly active in pre-market in active stocks, using SNET to match against these orders or offer a BROD order at or near prices may have some luck. However, let’s look at the liquidity issue. If a Market Maker is not obligated to fill any pre-market orders, then no real market is being made, other than by ECN traders. With spreads getting wider due to lack of liquidity, this makes trading in the pre-market much more difficult and adds risk. Many times, we will see a stock gapping up with the Market Maker showing a price higher than where ECNs are trading, hoping to entice buying. More often than not, if you SNET PREF this Market Maker for an order, it will go unfilled, as he or she is not a true buyer of the stock. The Market Maker is most likely trying to entice buying so he or she can exit the stock with his or her inventory or clients’ order. Things to do hawaii 2016.

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