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Things about hawaii on At 18, Paul Levy was forced to put aside his child – hood dream of becoming a psychiatrist in order to support his family as a commercial stenographer. In September 1909, however, he was accepted in a two-year acting course at the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts and Empire Theatre Dramatic School. Levy quickly changed his name to the less Semitic sounding Paul Bern and became an American citizen. In February 1911, Bern made his acting debut onstage at the Empire Theatre in Friends of Youth. In the company was an attractive young actress named Dorothy Millette, with whom Bern lived in a common-law wife relationship for several years. Over the next decade, he developed a professional resume that made him an ideal candidate for the movie business. Bern acted on Broadway, toured with an East Coast stock company, wrote film scripts, and managed a movie theatre in Manhattan owned by Joe and Nick Schenck prior to their involvement in United Artists and Loew’s. Things about hawaii 2016.

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