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AGNOETAE. Followers of a heresy begun in Egypt by the deacon Themistius of Alexandria first half 6th a consequence of the divisions and schisms of the monophysites. They are described in the quaest.

30 of ps.-Caesarius.

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The agnoetae carried the doctrine of Severus of Antioch to its ultimate consequences, preaching on the basis of Mk 13: 32, Jn 11: 34 and Lk 2:52 that Christ did not have perfect knowledge but, like all human beings, was subject to ignorance Leontius Scholasticus who likens them to the Theodosians, Sect.V, 6; X,3: PG 86, 1232. 1261- 1264.

Timothy of Constantinople lists them among the Diacrinomeni as the fifth group, similar to the Severites PG 86, 53.57. From Photius we learn that they were refuted by one Theodore, a monk of Alexandria Bibl. Cod.

108, and by Eulogius of Alexandria Bibl.cod. 230.

DCB I,62-63; K.-U. Uthemann, Kaiser Justinian als Kirchenpolitiker und Theologe.2. 5.

Eine Zwischenbemerkung: Justinians Edikt gegen die Agnoeten: Augustinianum 39 1999 44-46 with bibliography.
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