The Twelve Apostles

I have always loved Australia for some peculiar reason that I find somehow hard to explain. As always expected, the next thing that most people who have some strong passion for something or someone will always go ahead to do a lot more to know more about this thing or person they love. Well, I did the same and ended up doing a lot of research about Australia as a country, its cities, its tourist attraction sites and even the culture and lifestyle of Australians. After doing a lot of research and consultations with friends, I decided to visit Australia and do so in style by jetting straight to Sydney, which is one of the largest cities in Australia.

I made the choice of visiting Sydney because I really wanted to visit Sydney Opera House. I was so much amazed beyond imagination to be finally in the presence of this distinctive building which can be considered to be one of the unique buildings in the 20th century. I was able to get an opportunity to visit the Sydney Opera house both during the day and at night. The view at night is so spectacular considering all the lightings and their reflections on the ocean water. The view was just superb.

When I got back to my hotel room that day, I decided to look for other tourist attraction features that would make my adventure in Australia unforgettable. After going through a list of tourist attraction features that I could visit, the Twelve Apostles caught my attention and due to my curiosity and anxiety I decided to visit the Twelve Apostles the following day. The journey to the Twelve Apostles was fun filled as I was able to have a good view of the Australian countryside as well. The aerial view of the ocean from above was quite mind blowing.

I wanted to have a great view of the Twelve Apostles and therefore had the opportunity of seeing these magnificent features from different points of view including the ground oblique view and the aerial view. The Twelve Apostles look so good that the view is mind blowing. While walking on the sandy shoreline during the low tides, I was able to get a close-up view of each of the individual limestone stacks that constitute the Twelve Apostles. They are some distance away from the shore of Port Campbell National Park and are as a result of erosion of the adjacent coastal line which is composed mainly of limestone. They are very close to each other and are very distinctive and outstanding at the shoreline. I really enjoyed visiting the Twelve Apostles in Australia and took so many pictures that will always remind me of this fantastic trip that I made to Australia.

I was able to visit the Twelve Apostles at different times of the day. The view in the morning when the tides are low, in the afternoon when the tides are high and in the evening when the tides are low and the sun is setting are entirely different and unique in their own ways. Thanks to the nature of the coastline and the erosional capabilities of the ocean waves, this great tourist attraction site was formed. Travelling to Australia to have a view of these great tourist attraction sites has never been this easy as all one needs to do is to get an Australian visa. One can get an Australian visa by applying for an ETA tourist visa, applying for a working Holiday visa; it is also possible to apply for a visa as a skilled worker as well as applying for a family visa. All these are possible ways through which one can apply for an Australian visa and get an opportunity to travel to Australia and get the chance to see these popular attraction sites like the Twelve Disciples and the Sydney Opera House among others.

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