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Nightclub Girls The second technique is a quick session with girl from a club. Everything is done on a business level. You’re the employer, she’s the employee. A popular strategy, you simply agree on everything upfront, i.e., time limits, do’s and don’t, photos, or whatever. The advantage over the escorts is you get to see the package before unwrapping it. Get your negotiations done early in the evening. Then take her to another club, dancing, a casino, restaurant…anything to get out of her center of comfort. A new environment puts you more in charge, and makes the interaction easier. Become her friend, and go as long as you possibly can without actually making payment. If you’ve made a mistake, you can send her on her way. If all is well, after an hour or so of lightening her up, race on back to your love castle where the gods of testosterone take over. Stay in complete control of the situation. If she tries to change the rules at some point, you simply open the door and tell her You’re fired. (Here the pay later rule shows its value). She will usually change her mind and become the cuddly sweetheart again.

In many cases, the business approach is the only method available due to the language barrier. Most of our vacation spots are in Latin America or Asia. In South America maybe 5 percent speak English, and Asia is barely better.) Often you will find almost no one in the whole damn country speaks English, other than your fellow gringos. If you already know some Spanish, it would help to get Pimsleur tapes to listen to in your car to increase your level of the language. The lazy man’s technique is using Spanish closed caption on your TV, or a pocket translator in person. This will give you a decided head start. Columbians, Venezuelans, and Costa Ricans all speak Spanish, and in Brazil most girls understand our broken attempts at Spanish, since Portuguese has a lot of Spanish commonality in its verbiage.

Local Freelancers and Non-Pros

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The third technique to women on your vacation requires a little work on your part. This is for the guy who wants a short time girlfriend, or perhaps one to keep in touch with and revisit some day in the future. If you going to be in a town for a while, buy a cell phone at the mall. They cost maybe $50, or in some cities you can rent one for $5 a day. Then buy a prepaid calling want to be available, as overseas it’s the girls who do the calling and beg for sex. As you stroll around town, ask the hottest girls you observe for lunch dates…girls in the malls, bank tellers, secretaries, a girl walking down the street. If you plan on returning to the city soon, get her email address. Of course, have a special email account set-up in advance specifically for this activity only. You can lead a split lifestyle with quality non-pros during the day and Rock Star threesomes with working girls at night.

Again, if you want to be a pro at this, before you travel on your vacation, do a fair amount of research on some of the cultural things of the country you’re visiting. If you want to have a chica’s attention, show her you’re interested in more than just her pussy. After all, any girl can get laid anytime she wants, the object here is to make yourself intriguing to her. Don’t sit there and talk about how rich and important you are. Ask about her, her family, and her life. Ask about her favorite places to go. A lot of the girls are supporting kids without a father, hence the career. Ask about her little one once in a while.

We’re not entitled to anything just by being here, but just a minimal effort goes a long way. Treat her like a lady, tell a joke, and give compliments with a smile and you’ll own the keys to her heart. Show a sincere interest in her country. Know the names of some of the more famous sights, landmarks, restaurants, beaches, their style of music, and so forth. Rent a documentary video about the country, or perhaps watch a popular film shot there. If you don’t know any of their language, your fun will be dramatically reduced. Buy a pocket translator, and learn at least some of their language. Ask your girl what sights you should visit. Steer away from any of her attempts to take you to the nearest mall and drop a fortune on her. Brush that idea aside, “I can do that at home any day, I wanna see more of your beautiful country.”

If your plan is simply a beach friend, be forewarned that they always forget their swimsuit, and they’ll hit you up to buy a new one. If you’re OK with that, make it a pink dental floss bottom and hand her 2 matching pink band-aids for a top. Or, make sure you say ten times “remember your swimsuit”. If you plan to travel somewhere far the next day, make her spend the night. They have no alarm clocks, and are 99% of the time will be at least 1 to 2 hours late.

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