The Joy of Tea China Pavilion

This is a small food kiosk next to World Showcase Lagoon. Don’t miss the Lucky Combo $9.98, which includes one Chinese BBQ Pork Bun, one Curry Chicken Pocket, an Egg Roll, your choice of soft drink, and ice cream. You can order several types of tea here, all fresh-brewed. You have the option of tasting any of the non-alcoholic teas before you order. Choose from sweetened iced teas $4.25, hot teas $3.19, soft drinks $1.59, or bottled water $2.50. Teas mixed with vodka, rum, Schnapps or Plum Wine are $7.50. Plum Wine is $4.99. Iced Tea Slushes with Strawberry Oolong Tea or Mango Green Tea are $4.65. Draft beers are $6.25. A specialty beverage, Tipsy Ducks in Love, is a creamy cold tea and coffee creation that is blended with bourbon whiskey and chocolate. It costs $8.50, and a non-alcoholic version is available for $5.50. It’s usually served during the holidays along with a Happy Face Fried Cake $3.99. The food items from The Lucky Combo are served as pairs: Chinese BBQ Pork Buns $4.50, Curry Chicken Pockets $3.99, Pork and Vegetable Egg Rolls $3.99. Ice cream choices are strawberry, red bean or caramel ginger $3.25.

The Joy of Tea China Pavilion Photo Gallery

Joy of Tea China Pavilion Epcot

The Joy of Tea shop is outside of the China Pavilion at EPCOT

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