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The cheapest countries to visit on First of all, since the eurj usd instrument is traded most 245 Understanding Price Action actively in the EU / UK session and the so-called UK/ US overlap (the US morning session) , it is chosen to have the charts reflect this more or less 1 0-hour window. This means that, in Central European time (CET) , the trading opportunities are picked up from the EU Open at 08:00 to about the close of the London session at 18:00. However, the bulk of the preceding Asian session is incorporated also in order to make a technical assessment of the EU and UK Open possible. While our studies are all done on the eur/usd 5-minute, do recall that we used this instrument solely as a platform for price action analysis; all is applicable to any market and time frame of choice. Of course, it will certainly pay to always study the instruments and time frames of your liking with appropriate attention for their personal characteristics, and particularly in regard to the time wnes in which you wish to trade them. As to the latter, the eur / usd pair may very well offer decent opportunities outside the hours mentioned (think Asian Open) , but in order to optimize the educational value within the available space, it is chosen to focus on the instrument’s most active stretch. On a 24-hour time axis, the hours in CET can more or less be divided as follows: 00:00-08:00: Asian session. The cheapest countries to visit 2016.

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