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LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING : Available in hotels and at one dry cleaner in Leopoldville. Service is rather expensive and not very reliable. Nylon clothing which you can wash yourself is best.

LIQUOR : There are two local beer factories in Leopoldville with a good quality product. Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola have local bottling plants. Whisky and< other spirits are available and lower priced than in the United States. MEDICAL FACILITIES : There are excellent doctors, dentists and good hospitals. The different American Protestant missions have hospitals with modern equipment and outstanding doctors. MOTION PICTURES : The three most important motion picture theaters at Leopoldville are: the Cinema, RAC, the Palace and the A Ibertum. Most of the pictures are American productions with sound track in French. Occasionally there is an English-speaking film. The Albertum specializes in French films. NIGHT CLUBS : The one night club, Flamingo and restaurants La Deviniere, Galiema and Chez Nous in Leopoldville, have orchestras and occasional guest singers, stay open all night. PHOTOGRAPHY : All kinds of photographic equipment is available in Leopoldville. European made Kodachrome film is also available. Color film cannot be developed locally. RELIGION : The principal religion, is Roman Catholic. However, there are a great number of American, Canadian, Swedish, English, and Danish Protestant missions scattered all over the Congo. The 85-foot Kiuho Falls on the Lufira River, about 200 miles north of Jadotville, is part of the rewarding scenery on a trip to the interior of the Congo. Natives similar to the famous Watussi tribe perform a traditional dance in the kraal of a local chief in the Ruanda-Urundi area of the Belgian Congo. Most of them are of Presbyterian, Methodist and Baptist denomination. indir

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