The American Adventure

The American Adventure show is one of Disney’s most dramatic storytelling experiences. The history of the United States is told through the use of audio-animatronics and film. Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain host the show. One powerful scene shows Thomas Jefferson writing the Declaration of Independence. He is visited by Benjamin Franklin, who walks up stairs and across the room toward Thomas Jefferson. This is a landmark for Imagineering. The story continues to tell important pieces of history through pictures and audio-animatronics. After the invention of the camera, the rest of the presentation is on film. The Imagineers used a multi-plane camera, invented by Ub Iwerks, in the backgrounds of some scenes. The screen for the film is the largest rear-projection screen in existence. The show culminates with the theme song Golden Dreams. The presentation lasts 30 minutes and runs throughout the day.

The American Adventure Photo Gallery

The American Adventure ~ Walt Disney World, Epcot, used to work there

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