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Thanh Hoa Travel on Cyclops 3, Plato Laws, ii, 672b. Jealousy as the motive is suggested by Apollodorus, iii, 4, 3. The modern views contrasted in the text are those of W. F. Otto (Dionysos, p. 161), and Farnell (Cults, v. 91). Thanh Hoa Travel 2016.

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The Internet not only informs, it also connects people with others for organized action, as has occurred in political battles in other countries. In unprecedented ways it has enabled parents to contact and plan actions with other parents. We use the example of parents increasing concern that children lack playtime. Parents who want recess returned to their local school can contact the website playworks . org to get research to support their position, to find out what has worked in other school districts, and to find other parents to work with.

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