Thai Sex Tourism

When experiencing Thai girls, there seems nothing wrong or immoral about prostitution. The feeling is quite the opposite, more like renting a short-term long distance relationship with a girl. Whether fake or not, they offer up sensuality, happiness, and attention unlike any you’ve ever experienced. Sure they are doing it for money, but what you get out of it is so much more than that. Many a hardened warrior has visited The Land of Smiles, only to return home to a land of tears.

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Thailand is the world’s largest producer of rice, with almost 50 percent of the population working on the farms. The typical female spends her first 17 years toiling 14 hours a day on the farm for no pay. However, there is a common Thai belief that children must take care of the parents at the onset of their old age, sometimes before their old age. So what happens? The Thai teenage girl feels this burden, and she knows only one way to solve it. Like a lot of farm and village girls she has stars in her eyes. She finds herself with a choice of farm slave labor, or traveling with her girlfriends to the bright lights, pulsating line dances, and fascinating interaction with men from around the world…men who can literally change her life, as well as her family’s fortunes.

The Red Light District. Some girls say they love the sex, some despise it. The truth is, though, an evening with a sex tourist will provide her and her family with a week to a month’s worth of income. Some girls go there for the dream of leaving their country, while some men go there for the dream of having a sweet untarnished young girl as his future wife. In reality, each party involved is using the other, with both enjoying the benefits of the situation.

On a side note, make sure your girl was actually bom one. There’s a large bizarre community of lady boys in Asia that can easily fool you.

The saying goes you can take the girl out of the bar, but you can’t take the bar out of the girl. Studies have shown that many of the Thai girls actually love the life they lead in the red light district. Compared to the destitute poor life on the farm, they work with their best friends, dance all night, and earn a living comparable to a millionaire. They are completely independent, can buy anything they want, and meet new and interesting people every night.

These are not hard-nosed hookers, and you should not treat them as if they were. Your interaction time cycle is up to you. You can spend a few hours (short-time), overnight (long-time) or several days. It’s up to you Pimp Daddy. Once you agree to go with a girl, she will consider herself your girlfriend until the arrangement ends, and if you act accordingly the payback will be considerable.

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