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Texas vacation destinations on Facing a possible five-year maximum prison term, the bouncer was sentenced to time already served (the two days he had spent in jail awaiting bond) and fined $2,000. Further Reading Hunt, Amber. Violence Not New at Club: Employee Calls Detroit Night Spot a Death Trap. Detroit Free Press, April 12, 2006, sec.

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A, p.1. Krisher, Tom.

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Karlshamn was a good stay, and when we sailed out for the Red Sea half the town was on the quay to wave us off. We were a full ship, chock-full, cement below decks, timber above. The charterers must have been slapping themselves on the back.

In the Suez Destination, the ship was arrested, pulled out of the southbound convoy halfway through and told to anchor in the Great Bitter Lake. The Old Man quizzed the Egyptian pilot, who shrugged as if this sort of thing happened all the time.

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