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Tete Travel on The progress of the study lay in the discovery of ever more backward races or tribes. The second characteristic which we notice in the theories of the generations immediately preceding our own is their exclusiveness. Fetishism, animism, ancestor-worship, totemism, pre-animism each had its turn, and each was put forward either by its first supporters or by the less critical of their followers as, purely and simply, the origin of religion. Another youthful science, psychology, affords an interesting parallel, with its successive theories (sexuality, will to power, race-memory, etc.) of the subconscious sources of our thought and action. Thus in I9I3 JunS was pointing out that the theories of Freud and Adler each applied only to one by no means universal type of mind, and added: The difficult task of elaborating a psychology which should pay equal attention to the two types of mentality belongs to the future. The study of religions has, fortunately for us, now reached the maturer stage where a synthesis is possible, and new theories no longer act as tidal waves swamping the structures which their forerunners have built. Tete Travel 2016.

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