Ten Top Trips in Keswick

For anyone visiting Keswick, there is so much to see and do around the city. However, above all else, it is a nature lover’s dream. So, from hitting the waterways to spending time with wildlife, there is something for everyone here, in the heart of the Lake District. This is a list of the top ten trips in Keswick.

1. Roger Savage Gyroplanes

A gyroplane is a unique way to take to the sky and see the beautiful scenery below. This two person open cockpit features a lone propeller, which is placed at the rear of the craft, behind both the passengers. This way, the noise level is not as high and it provides a clearer view of the lake district.

2. Theatre by the Lake

For anyone who enjoys the performing arts, Theatre by the Lake is serving up weekly performances, especially around the weekends. The shows differ throughout the year so there is always something new to take in. Whether a musical or a stage comedy, some of the greatest local performers call the theatre home.

3. Lake District Wildlife Park

All of the animals in the Wildlife Park are from the region. Best of all, many of these animals are hands on. So from feeding coats to laying around with a group of baby pigs, this is a fun destination for both young and old.

4. The Lakes Distillery

More for the older crowd, this is the largest distillery in England and it provides beautiful views over the Lake District. The distillery provides tours, sampling and also a delicious diner to enjoy food after the conclusion of the tour.

5. Keswick Canoe and Bushcraft

For the outdoor enthusiasts, this is the place to be. Taking a canoe down the river is a true adventure as the water often moves a bit faster than what might be expected. This helps not only pass the time but also adds excitement to the experience.

6. Go Ape! Tree Top Adventure

Soaring through the treetops of the Lake District offers an amazing sight of the local scenery and the beautiful forest and waterways. Guests get to experience zip lining through these forests, and this rush traveling down the line is something visitors are going to want to do again and again. Plus, with so much going on and natural beauty, it can be easy to miss all the beautiful natural surroundings while racing past it all.

7. Keswick Launch

This is a boat tour of the local waterways as the guide points out important locations throughout the tour while also suggesting what natural wildlife to look for while making way down river. There is both a covered aspect of the boat and one exposed to the elements, so guests can enjoy the boat ride as they see fit.

8. King Kong Climbing Centre

The perfect location for families with smaller children, this climbing center has different obstacles to scale for different ages of children. Anyone who has ever wanted to climb up the snout of a dragon and explore make-believe castles can finally do so right here.

9. Rookin House Equestrian and Activity Centre

There’s something for everyone here. Guests can test out their shooting skills by firing at clay pigeons. Even for those who have never fired a gun, this is a fun time. There are also horseback riding activities and nature walks as well.

10. Derwent Water Marina Ltd

In the water marina, there are sail boat tours out on the water and also some rather comfortable restaurants and tours right on land as well, which should suit everyone.

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