Tel Aviv Subway Map

Tel Aviv Subway Map on The coroner’s inquest determined the 38-year-old Dorothy Millette came to her death on the 7th of September, 1932, by asphyxiation by drowning. Jean Harlow reportedly paid the $250 needed to bury her dead husband’s common-law wife in Sacramento’s East Lawn Memorial Park under a headstone that read, Dorothy Millette Bern. On September 9, 1932, 2,000 mourners and sightseers attended Paul Bern’s funeral services at the Grace Chapel in Inglewood. Following the service, the much maligned suicide or murder victim was cremated and his ashes interred at the Golden West Mausoleum in Inglewood Park Cemetery. Jean Harlow died of uremic poisoning at the age of 26 on June 7, 1937. Further Reading Fleming, E. J. Tel Aviv Subway Map 2016.

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