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Tel Aviv Metro Map on Still, the family faced a monumental challenge in rehabilitating Bakley’s tarnished image especially as many of them were aware of her illegal activities while some were active participants. Bakley’s image continued to suffer in the media as the full extent of the mail order sex scam and her fixation on celebrities emerged. Once again, as with the O.J. Simpson ordeal, investigators were faced with the daunting prospect of trying to build a circumstantial case against a celebrity suspected of killing a largely unsympathetic victim. On April 18, 2002, nearly one year after the shooting, Robert Blake and his bodyguardhandyman Earle Caldwell, 46, were arrested at the Mata Hari Ranch. The actor was held without bail in the Men’s Central Jail on a charge of firstdegree murder and conspiracy to commit murder while Caldwell, charged with conspiracy, was released on a $1 million bond posted by Blake. Tel Aviv Metro Map 2016.

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