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Tel Aviv Map on The beautiful actress had suffered multiple facial trauma including nose fractures, a hemorrhaging of the optic nerve, and cerebral lesions nearly identical to those found in shaken babies. Failing in his bid for extradition to France for trial, Cantat faced a Lithuanian legal system that did not recognize the mitigating French concept of a crime of passion. If the crime was found to be the result of extreme emotion, the rock star could do as little as six years prison time possibly to be served in a French penitentiary. Held initially on a charge of manslaughter (later upgraded to murder), Cantat maintained that Marie’s death was a tragic accident and kept fit in his single-bed cell in Lukiskiu Prison by doing yoga and reading his voluminous fan mail. In France, the death of Trintignant polarized the public into those who viewed Cantat as a violently jealous abuser of women (he allegedly once struck his wife), or, a tragically romantic figure who just got carried away by a fit of jealousy during a night of heavy drinking. Supporters of the rock star met at the trendy nightclub Cafe de Paris in Vilnius in a show of strength to both raise Cantat’s spirits and to pay tribute to the dead actress. Trintig – nant’s family was outraged when they learned that during the festivities excerpts of the actress’s films were projected onto the walls of the club. Tel Aviv Map 2016.

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