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Tbilisi Travel on . All such ceremony^jLt_must-be remembered,-are-not, or at least were not originally, mere spectacular or dramatic exhibitions. They are ^magical rites designed to_prgduce_j}ie_effect which they dramatically seV forth. It is therefore highly relevant to recall that in the ceremonies of mourning carried out for the Phrygian Attis, the body.of the god was represented by-a fir-tree, which wasrwrappe^ in grave-clothes and decked^witb -wreaths. Similarly (Dionysos was known as th^tree-godandJthegod in the tree. We possess the inscripRon Tecofdin^r the introduction-ofUhe cutt~Qf-Dionysos-^t Magnesig. Tbilisi Travel 2016.

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Children on holiday’s Importance to Parents and Society As we noted earlier, children meet parents basic needs for closeness, sense of accomplishment, and maturity in life. Parents grow as they undertake new activities and become more involved in community activities to meet children’s needs. We do not often think about how children meet critical needs for society, but they do. Children on holiday maintain traditions and rituals, and transmit them to the next generation. Very important, they grow into economic producers who support the aging members of society as well as their own children.

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