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Tasmania Travel on Among these, detention is prominent. Detention and Deportability No one is illegal. This slogan, which we mentioned at the beginning of chapter 3, was widely and successfully disseminated in the years following its original formulation in 1997. Only a year before, African migrants had occupied the Saint-Ambroise and Saint-Bernard churches in Paris, initiating the now-famous sans-papiers movement. Since the mid-1970s, when boat people from Vietnam first appeared on the global horizon, there emerged against the background of deep transformations to asylum and migration policies a new political figure”the illegal migrant. Our emphasis on processes of multiplication and fragmentation makes us highly suspicious of this label. Throughout this book we consistently use the term migrant to describe subjects who cross or negotiate the world’s borderscapes, avoiding where possible the recourse to categories such as refugee, asylum seeker, or illegal migrant invented by state bureaucracies or their international counterparts. Tasmania Travel 2016.

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