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Taranaki Travel on 13a, 250, n. 38, Cook, Zfil» 624 f. (and 622 f. for the lily as a symbol of fertility). Relevant coins are most accessibly illustrated in Farnell, Cults, i, coin-plate A, 17 and 18, and Head, Hist. Num.1 p. Taranaki Travel 2016.

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Mothers are failures if their children have difficulties or cannot achieve high levels of success. Such total responsibility for a child’s well-being is especially hard for contemporary mothers who have been raised to have strong commitments to their work as well. While society demands much of mothers, it gives little help in meeting its expectations. Quality, affordable day care is often not available, especially for mothers who work part-time; little after-school care is available for older children, so much of mothers pay goes for substitute care while they work. The expectations and lack of help in meeting them create tremendous stress for mothers as they run around frantically trying to accomplish all their tasks.

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