Tampa St. Petersburg Subway Map

Tampa/St. Petersburg Subway Map on This time, Roman changed his plea from not guilty by reason of insanity to not guilty to avoid being institutionalized if convicted. Medical testimony supported the defense’s contention that Roman could have suffered brain damage (including memory loss) from the experimental growth hormone, and established his reasoning skills as those of a young child. Blood tests recorded prior to the killing showed a high thyroid count which could have produced confusion and disorientation. More telling, however, was the testimony given by Cabot’s physician and psychiatrist. Her therapist for seven years portrayed the former actress as a suicidally depressed woman severely disturbed by an abusive childhood. Prior to the slaying, Cabot manifested irrational fears about her health, was bedridden, and disoriented. Roman testified that on the night of the murder he became frightened by his mother’s hysterical screaming and tried to call paramedics despite her warnings not to contact anyone. Tampa/St. Petersburg Subway Map 2016.

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