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Tamanghasset Travel on The corporate language used to define these actors is far from neutral: it must be considered part and parcel of an attempt to spread the model, the language, and the rationality of the capitalist corporation throughout the whole fabric of global society and policies. Nevertheless, it describes fundamental transformations that we need to carefully follow and try to map in our investigation of emerging border, and migration regimes. There is a further feature of governance that deserves critical analysis here. Among interest groups and civil society networks that concur in processes of governance, both as consulting and as implementing bodies, epi- stemic communities play a key role (Shapiro 2001). Epistemic communities, John Gerard Ruggie writes, may be said to consist of interrelated roles that grow up around an episteme: they delimit, for their members, the proper’ construction of social reality (Ruggie 1998, 55)- Given the importance of risk definition, calculation, and management in patterns and processes of governance, bearers of expert knowledge capable of codifying risk (from natural to social science) are potentially entitled to become governmental actors (Joerges 2008, 7). Obviously, science has long played a constitutive and even constitutional role in the whole history of the modern state. One has only to think of the German experience, particularly at the turn of the nineteenth century, which has been considered paradigmatic in this respect (Schiera 1987). Tamanghasset Travel 2016.

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