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Talsi Novads Travel on Here a car with Israeli license plates is a target for stones, firebombs, and hand grenades. Army camps and security checkpoints dot the region, and the hills are festooned with barbed wire, watch towers, and microwave antennas. Ariel sits in impregnable isolation overlooking green Samaria, its neat white houses with red roof tiles standing in sharp contrast to the mostly poor Arab villages surrounding it. Established in 1978 as a model town, Ariel is at the center of a circle of small Jewish settlements that command the area strategically. Army units guard the town and its satellite settlements, in touch by radio. Soldiers in helmets are on constant patrol in their sturdy vehicles, and there seems to be no sense of fear among the Jewish citizens. Mayor RON nachman encourages immigrants to settle in and around Ariel. Talsi Novads Travel 2016.

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